December 1st 2009 is World Aids Day.  Today we remember that yesterday 6,600 Africans perished from a preventable disease; and another 8,800 will become infected tomorrow.  Today we think about the orphans across the world who have no parents.  Today we give a second thought to our health, life, and family. 

Today, TTI’s  HIV+ orphans go to school like any other day. They don’t necessarily know what AIDS is nor what it can do to them.  They only know that they don’t have a mother and father.  But they do know that they are loved and cared for.  They know there is a Savior who loves them with a sacrificial love.

Though there is so much more we can and will do.  Today we at TTI thank all of those who sacrificially give to help the pastors, widows, and orphans who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. 

People living with HIV

  • 33.4 million people living with HIV worldwide
  • 31.3 million adults
  • 15.7 million women
  • 2.1 million children under 15

All of the Children below are HIV+