Mr.Patrus from Phobjikha.

This old man was into witch craft which he was practicing for so many years. One day Pastor Tsewang Rinxin one of our TTI Teachers happened to meet him and shared about the kingdom of God and they discussed about the power of Jesus Christ how He has conquered the death and resurrected again from burial place and ascended to Heaven in the midst of great multitudes. When he ( Patrus) heard of this super man he was completely convinced and wanted to  accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and took baptism last year and now he is working full time evangelist and has won number of people to the Lord and we are going to baptized his first converts. This baptism program will take place in the month of March or April of 2011. He was so interested to learn about the Biblical teachings and he attended three days TTI workshop in the month of January this year.  Please kindly pray our old brother Patrus from Phobjikha.