Over the past few years we have shared several stories of people being healed, people being freed from demon possession, and other stories that people would consider a “supernatural miracle”. But what is a miracle? Is it only something that people would consider “supernatural”, or is it something more common than we think?

Right now we live in a time where there are more Christians and more churches than ever before in the history of the world. More and more lives are being changed and transformed through the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit every day in an increasing number. Just through The Timothy Initiative there are an average of 18 new church plants started every day. This is a miracle. These things would not happen without the direct influence of the Holy Spirit just as someone is not healed or a demon is not cast out without the power of the Holy Spirit.

For as many “supernatural” stories that we have, there are hundreds more that are simply about pastors being trained, lost people coming into the Kingdom, and churches being planted. These are truly miracles that are happening every day. Below are a few testimonies from a few of our church planters in Asia of the miracles taking place in their lives.

“I was working as a pastor for the past four years. But my church members didn’t stay in my church for long. I thought of leaving the full time job and I doubted whether God really called me. At this time I had the privilege of attending TTI training. There was great change in my personal spiritual life. I started teaching these lessons in my church. After joining TTI course I baptized four persons and 12 more are getting ready for baptism. I also formed prayer cells in three houses.” 

“I converted to Christianity five years ago. I don’t know much about the Bible. The Lord by His great mercy enables me to join TTI training. By studying the books I was beginning to serve the Lord by winning souls. Seven persons accepted Christ in my area. I am sharing the good news in a few villages”

“My wife and I accepted Christ and I joined TTI in February 2012. After a few courses I started a prayer cell. I continued to practice and teach all that I learned in TTI. Now I am taking care of two house churches. I am praying and planning to plant many more house churches.”   

Please continue to pray with us for more and more miracles like the ones happening every day through men like these.