For many people around the world the country of Nepal is only knows as the home of Himalayan Mountains. Travelers have been trekking the Himalayas for decades in hopes of reaching their infamous peak, Mt. Everest. Many have tried, a few have succeeded, and many have lost their life in an attempt to “stand on top of the world”.

Church Plant in Nepal

What most people don’t know about Nepal is that it is home to over 30 million people, with over 300 people groups that are considered “unreached” with the Gospel. It is estimated that there are between 5,000-6,000 churches currently in existence in Nepal, which means there is one church for about every 5,000 people. How do we reach these people?

These churches either need to be on their way to becoming mega-churches, or we need more churches. I think we need more churches.

Nepalese Pastors Praying Over a Map of Their Country

Since 2009 The Timothy Initiative has been working with a group of national believers to begin reaching these people groups. God has used these people to start over 1,000 new church plants, baptize 4,082 people, and deliver over 23,000 Gospel presentations! This doesn’t even include the 570 church planters that are currently in training.

God is truly doing something amazing in this country. He is raising up men a women to reach their family members, neighbors and co-workers, many who know nothing about Jesus. The pastors and church planters are very serious about reaching their country with the Gospel. Will you join in praying for and supporting these new church plants?