“A group of people came and attacked and beat me with an iron rod. I was unconscious for some hours and the attackers thought that I was dead, so they left me there … I thank GOD that someone came and found me in a bleeding  condition and immediately took me for medical treatment…”

(Michael,  student and now church planter with The Timothy Initiative)


Dear Friend,

I’m writing to ask if you will help young pastors and church planters like Michael shepherd their flocks and train more church planters to “go forth and tell.”

Michael was in a hospital for three months recovering from the brutality of the villagers. He still carries his scars.

But his story is not just a story of persecution and suffering. It is a story of joy, redemption, and living out the commandment in 2 Timothy 2:2:

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

After Michael recovered from his injuries, he began studying the Word of God with help from The Timothy Initiative (TTI). Now he is a pastor planting more churches for Christ!

It costs just $200 to train a church planter for one year, who will in turn plant at least one new church with 15-20 new believers!

Let me put it another way: In the last four years, TTI has trained 17,906 church planters and is current training 10,313.

     “I thank God for TTI,”  Michael says. “The teaching program has given me     much encouragement. I have decided to study the word of God and witness for my Savior. Now I am started new fellowship in another village where 22 people are regularly gathering for fellowship … Please pray that work of the Lord would expand in other parts of my area!”

The Timothy Initiative is not like any other ministry. We don’t just train pastors — we train church planters in Asia and Africa, including the countries of Ethiopia, Myanmar, Kenya, Togo, Mali, North Nigeria and others. In fact, TTI now has a network in 30 nations, with thousands of church planters signed up and ready to go “teach others.”

I can’t stress how important this training is. Traveling in Nepal, a young pastor pointed to an abandoned village church and explained in frightening detail why pastoral training is so vital:

He said the pastor of the church became ill one Sunday and could not make it to the service. A Jehovah’s Witness happened to be visiting, so he got up and spoke in the pastor’s place. By the end of the service, every one of the members had been converted and were baptized that day by the Jehovah’s Witness!

“This is why we need TTI!” said my friend, still pointing to the church. He was so right! If the pastor of that little church had been properly trained in the Scriptures, and if he had been training his congregation to be strong in the Word — they could not have been pulled away so easily.

When that pastor returned to his church the next Sunday, not one member showed up. What a tragedy.

Here’s a shocking fact: In many African nations, a new mosque is being built every 10 to 15 kilometers! We must train pastors to counter the growing tide of Islam in Africa, and the pagan religions in other nations that are rooted in centuries of idol worship and demonism.

Friend, we train church planters to plant strong, healthy, Biblically sound churches! And that’s the primary focus of The Timothy Initiative. Let me stress: We don’t just train pastors … we train church planters.

Can you send a gift of $200 to help us train one church planter? Your gift enables us to give him a year of training. In exchange, every TTI student agrees to plant at least one church. If you would like to give, please click here and select TTI Africa for a “One Time Gift”.

Without your help, how will we ever meet the needs of thousands of planters already signed up and ready to learn, serve and plant?

Jesus said to “go and tell.” We have brave young Christian men standing up and saying: “Yes, I’ll go — I’ll start a new church there!”

Now we must equip them. A gift of just $200 will pay for a year of training for a church planter. Can you send that much today? If you would like to give, please click here.

Many of these church planters endure persecution and beatings, like Michael. Many die from malaria … others pay the ultimate price and are martyred for Christ.

Often, these bold young pastors shepherd churches where there is no electricity, no water other than the nearest stream, no medical facilities, and no churches at all. Many have never even heard the name of Jesus!

At this special time of year, as we prepare to remember the birth of our Savior, won’t you prayerfully consider sponsoring one TTI student with a gift of just $200? If you are able to give more, perhaps you can help us train two church planters for $400. Whatever you give will be such a blessing. You can click here to donate.

I cannot bear to tell even one TTI applicant that there is not enough money for them to attend our Training Center. That’s why I also want to ask you for your most precious gift: Prayer.

Please pray for our ministry — and that enough good people will be led to support us financially with a donation of at least $200 or more.

Thank you and God bless,

Dr. David Nelms, Founder and President, TTI

P.S. — I want to give you an update on Michael, the man who was beaten nearly to death after he became a Christian. He is now a church planter, thanks to our TTI curriculum. And this Christmas, he will be baptizing the newest members of his congregationa church he planted with the help of TTI. Click here for more information on TTI.

Friend, when TTI graduates a young pastor, it means you and I are fulfilling the Great Commission and helping to win souls for Christ!

Your help of just $200 will provide another student like Michael with a year of education in one of our Training Centers. Click here to donate.