I just received word that one of the kids from TTI’s HIV & AIDS home in East Asia is very sick.  Her name is Anna.  She is 8 years old and is struggling for her life as I write this.

When she came to the HIV & AIDS home a few months back she was very sick.  However, over the past month she has shown many signs of improvement.  In fact just this past week the school year started for the kids.  She is pictured below with the other kids on their first day of school.

Anna (second girl from the right)

Her conditions include: HIV, T.B., and Hepatitis B.  On top of all that she now has an enlarged heart and was rushed to the hospital vomiting blood early this morning.  The Doctor has told the HIV & AIDS Home’s Director that he should be prepared for the worst, as it is not likely she will make it.

Please pray for Anna!  I will update on her progress as soon as I hear anything.

Anna (left side)