The following is taken from an email I just received from one of our Leaders in Africa:
“I was full of joy going back home after a meeting with my District Leaders. We planed to meet once every month and yesterday was the first meeting after the starting of all the training centers in Benin, Africa.  After I encouraged them I asked each of them to give me the update of their center and to share their experience with all of us. It was amazing to see how every students appreciated the first books teachings.  They all saw the importance of this course and how it was important to teach it first.
But the thing that put joy in my heart is that two students of a center run by pastor Timothée ( I don’t know if it is because his name match with TTI) the District Leader of Lobozounkpa center already started their churches. One has already 10 and the other has 7.  WOW it was a big joy and I can understand how angels are happy in the heaven. JESUS is personnaly in this vision and I want to thank all of you for your prayers. Next week I will be in Togo for the same thing and hope I will have more joy.  Really the joy of the Lord is our strength.  Thanks God.”