Recently I received a report of how one of our many classes in East Asia went out conducting practical training in evangelism.

They came across a village in a Tea Estate. There they were introduced to a man suffering from paralysis. The students were requested to pray for him. When they finished praying the man was healed!

Because of that miracle, 35 people have accepted Jesus as their Savior and were all baptized the same day.

There is now a church being established in this village. Below is the man who was healed from paralysis.



The following is the message I received from our leader in the field: “I went to visit the family but could not enter the village and even the students who were on practical training in that village are not allowed there anymore. However, the family came out of the village saying that they were going to the Hospital so I could meet with them. The other new believers in the village are also fine amidst the pressures enforced on them by the non-Christian community. Please continue to pray for them.”

These people will now face an enormous amount of persecution and pressure. Please pray for the 35 new converts that they will continue to grow.