It wasn’t part of their plan. Brandon and Annemarie are missionaries to Southeast Asia and and have been serving God overseas for the last 12 years. Unforeseen health concerns required they return to the U.S. for a season. While at home, Brandon is receiving the treatment he needs as we pray for his total healing.

Brandon and Annemarie, or as we affectionately call her, Ams, believe that God works all things together for good and nothing is wasted. Most career missionaries who return to the United States feel like fish out of water. They feel like they’ve been separated from their calling. Brandon and Ams decided to use this season to continue serving the people of Southeast Asia by partnering with TTI.


Brandon is using his graphic design skills to assist TTI with various donor development projects. Ams is assisting in research and general administration as well as developing tools for oral learners by writing One Page Simples. They both have assisted with our international strategy in their area of expertise, helped with major editing projects, and represented TTI at the Exponential Conference.

TTI could not be more grateful that Brandon and Ams were willing to allow the Lord to use this time for His purposes. We are thankful for their sacrificial giving of time and energy to serve the cause of Christ alongside us. If you’re interested in supporting their ministry, please go to and under Long-Term Missionaries choose Brandon and Annemarie.