The following is from an Email I just received from our TTI Leader Pastor Koudjo,  from Benin, West Africa who was in a plane crash last week.  It is a remarkable story!  Please read this!  Here is his picture at our recent Meeting in Dubai.

On Thursday July 7th at 11:30pm I flew from to Nairobi then from Nairobi to Kinshasa where I arrived the following day at 10h30. I ran to catch Hewa Bora Airlines Flight. We took off around Noon headed to Goma via Kisangani. After four hours the plane started to come down. I could see through the window that the weather was bad and it was raining. My intuition was telling me that the landing will not be easy. I was siting right behind the first class cabin at the seat no 4C.


The plane was still coming down but the cloud and the visibility was not good. Suddenly it was a big noise and the crash happen. Many people were on top of me and broken irons were blocking me, but thank God there was an open space through which I can breathe,  otherwise there was no way to get oxygen.


One lady’s leg was blocking my movement. When I tried to pull her leg she was shouting and I guess her leg was broken. At this stage I start to pray like I never pray before. After a while; I tried my best to remove the lady’s shoe, which is worrying me. By then my left hand was free. I continue to pray and I was tired for many charges were on me. I started to think of my wife, children and specially my daughter of 2 years. I also think about our church members in Cotonou and also the seminar I was coming to hold at Goma for TTI.


I was not having the force to pray anymore but I start to wave my left hand so that any helper should see. By then I start hearing blasts and explosions at back of the plane. I start to pray that we should be saved before the fire reached our end. Then I feel someone pulling out the irons and people on top of me and draw me out.


When I was out every place was smoking. After a few minutes there was a big blast near the plane. I was taken from and all the area was full with fire and black smoke. When I was lying on the ground, I start to pray for the rest of people who were still in the cargo struggling to be out. It was UN soldiers from Bangladesh who were guarding the airport of Kisangani who came to rescue us. There was still raining and they carried us to their barrack. I was the last one to be taken to government hospital and they put us on the ground. No electricity and people run to the hospital with their cell phone flash-light to search for their relatives. It is there God put two persons on my way. André and Eugenie were searching for their uncle. While shining lights on our faces, I told him that I am a pastor going to Goma to hold a seminar and beg him to call Athanase (the local TTI leader) for me.


He did it and I informed Athanase that I was alive. After a while my angels André and Eugenie came back and said, “pastor we are from Assembly of God and we are your brother in Christ so we are taking you to a private clinic.” They put me in their car and a few minutes later I was in Stanley clinic. André call some Togolese’s in Kisangani and they come to help also. The following day that was on Saturday André came to the clinic to inform me that they found his uncle dead. In the afternoon he was carrying me for radiography scan in another hospital when they call him that a jet rented by the children of his dead uncle landed at the airport to carry the body to Goma. That was a chance not to miss as that was the place I needed to Go! André with Eugenie negotiated hard with the pilot and he accepted to carry me at $300 which I accepted. We took off with this big man in the coffin. I see the grace of God upon my life. This rich and big man was in the same plane with me and he is now dead. On our arrival in Goma Athanase was there to pick me directly to HEAL AFRICA HOSPITAL one of the best here.


My blood pressure was very high and they quickly took care of that. On Monday I took the radiography test with echography and every things in my body were good. What a miracle! God you are so good. In the hospital, Athanase and I elaborate a strategy to start the seminar for TTI Training. On Wednesday July 13 at 3:35pm I was out of the hospital and before going to house we went to the place of the seminar and I greeted the 30 pastors and potential DLs. It was a big emotion. God is so good. Before I came in this cyber we are on break and the seminar is going well. They inform me that they have seen my suitcase but until now I can’t get it. I have lost every thing but not my faithful friend Jesus. I thank my Lord for his mercy on my life. Thank you all for your prayers.


O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. O Lord, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit. ( Psalm 30:2-3).


May His name be blessed forever.


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