Allow me to introduce you to one of the men that we are partnering with in our African endeavors: 


Pastor Booker Banda lives and serves in Lilongwe…but his reach goes far beyond the capital city of Malawi where he calls home. I had the privilege of spending a couple weeks with Booker traveling through out Southern Africa. Everywhere we went (including in other countries), Pastor Booker would pull the car over and point out churches that he had planted. It seemed that every time we stopped to get gas or a meal, someone would come and say hello. Countless people came and paid homage to the man whose ministry had affected them. 

Pastor Booker’s home in Lilongwe was in a central location in our travels and so we would spend a night or two here and there as we were back and forth between countries. We were at his home for a total of 4 or 5 days and I can not remember a time where there wasn’t someone at his home that he had welcomed in to feed and clothe. Needless to say, Malawi is a poverty-stricken country and there were people at his home all hours of the day and night receiving help and love.   

Pastor Booker has personally planted over 300 churches and led thousands of people to Christ. He is currently pastoring a church in the slums of Lilongwe. He preaches on the radio as well, speaking weekly to the capital city of Malawi and the surrounding areas. He also started/oversees a Christian school educating children from pre-kindergarten through High School. He is committed to meeting the spiritual and the physical needs of Southern Africa. 

Here is a video clip of the worship service of his church:


This is typical of the men that we are partnering with in the training of church-planters. Although we are still raising funds before we can move into Africa at the level we are hoping, Pastor Booker already has classes in Northern, Central and Southern Malawi. When we raise the money that is necessary to begin full-force, the sky is the limit. We believe that through partnerships with men like Pastor Booker, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, thousands of churches will be planted, hundreds of thousands of Africans will put their trust in Jesus Christ, and social needs will be addressed throughout the continent. 

Please pray for Pastor Booker, his family and his ministry…