The last 24 hours have been pretty intense for us as we have gone from extremes to say the least.  Yesterday Amber and I went over to the slum village to show all of the people baby Moses.  It was a great time to be with them and talk since they were expecting to see Moses for a long time.

While we were there we knew of one girl named Kavya that had a boil on her arm.  We were concerned for this and asked her father what the problem was.  He said that she had some sort of Calcium deficiency where her body could not break down the calcium in her body.  It was also affecting her red blood cells.  Long story short we sent both her and her father to some of our friends who were waiting on them at the hospital.  The Doctor that saw little Kavya said that she had a serious condition and would not likely live more than a year unless she had an operation which would require a blood transfusion in a different state.   

After hearing this news we were discouraged as we were also told that we should not be the ones to tell the family the news.  Rather they should hear it from the original Doctor that Kavya saw. 

This morning Amber, Moses, and I went out to the village again to check on Kavya and the other kids to see how they were doing.  As we arrived all of the children came running to us and pointing to their arm’s trying to tell us something happened to Kavya.  As we approached I saw Kavya’s father sitting in the dirt weeping alone.  At that point I realized that Kavya had died.  I went over to her father named Ravi and put my arm around him and just sat there with him for some time.  He was understandably devastated by the loss of his 5 year-old daughter.  Words cannot describe the look in his eyes as we sat together.

Soon many people came and gathered around Ravi and I.   About 20 feet away I saw the body of Kavya lying on the ground in the shade with some flowers around her body.  Her face was covered, but as we approached they removed the covering and showed us her face.  I could not help but think just yesterday she was at my house sipping on Apple Juice and now she was dead!  She was a very quiet girl, in fact I could only find one picture of her.  I remember her yesterday looking scared as she drove off to the hospital.  As I have learned, Life is extremely fragile.  One day we are here and the next we can be gone. 

After seeing Kavya, we asked to see the mother named Lackshmi.  She was sitting with a group of women holding one of her other 2 children.  Amber went and put her arm around her and all of the women cried together.  It was a remarkable sight.  For once we were not looked at as the strange foreigners.  We were able to enter into the lives of the people we have spent the last year working with.  We are devastated at the loss of Kavya.  We cannot imagine losing Moses.  However, we know that God has his reasons and we submit to them. 

After praying with Ravi and his wife we came back home.  This will be one day that we remember for a long time. 

Please pray for Ravi, Lackshmi and their other 2 children.  They are not yet followers of Christ.  We pray that through this tragedy somehow God will open their eyes to his love and mercy.  Please join in this prayer with us. 

Pictured is an old Picture of Ravi (the father) and Kavya (small girl in the red shirt) from 2009.