The Work

Partnering with local leaders to reach their nations for Christ.

How It Works

Imagine you, like Jay’s family, live in an area with virtually no Christian presence. You’re one of the few known believers in your community. You don’t want it to stay that way, but you’re not quite sure how to reach your people for Christ. You don’t have the resources to go to Bible School. Even if you did, it would require moving away from the people you are trying to share with about Jesus.   

Then you hear about The Timothy Initiative’s training process. You don’t have to leave your village, there aren’t expensive fees, and the training materials are in your native language.  The leadership in your region walk alongside you, empowering you to make disciples, plant churches, and teach others to do the same. You receive the Biblically balanced training you’ve longed for, the mentoring that increases your effectiveness, and the strategy to reach your people for Christ. 

As you and fellow believers make disciples who make disciples, you live out the Great Commission and realize that it’s possible to see your people won for Christ.

Jay’s family (above) and their newly planted church.
This is one of the first known churches in the history of this people group!

The Method

Disciples Making Disciples.
Churches Planting Churches.
Leaders Developing Leaders. 

The Timothy Initiative’s training materials, available in dozens of local languages, provides balanced Biblical and theological training, as well as church planting strategies.  

Training Materials

The Timothy Initiative’s training materials, available in dozens of local languages, provides balanced Biblical and theological training. 

Where We Work

41% of the world, more than three billion people, live in areas with few Bibles, Christians, churches, or people trying to reach them.

84% of our efforts and resources are devoted to these areas. 

Stories from the Field

Read incredible stories of transformation and hope. 
Their lives will never be the same—because Jesus changes everything.

Temple prostitute finds freedom in Christ

Temple prostitute finds freedom in Christ

This is Ambika.    She and her daughter, Priya, worked as temple prostitutes in service to the goddess Chengamma. That is until customers brutally murdered Priya. Ambika was consumed with grief and wracked with guilt. She should never have let her daughter entertain...

He might die in surgery. He would die without it.

He might die in surgery. He would die without it.

Devi paced the floor, anxiety dripping from her prayers to the Hindu gods. Her husband, Arjun, was diagnosed with kidney stones that required an operation. The doctors cautioned that the surgery could be life threatening; so was going without it. Either way, there was...

Suicide attempt on train tracks leads to a new life in Christ.

Suicide attempt on train tracks leads to a new life in Christ.

The rails were hard and cold under Sona’s back, as she laid motionless on the tracks. She strained to hear the sound of the train, knowing it wouldn’t be long before it appeared around the bend. It wouldn’t be long before her misery finally ended.  When her husband...

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a church?

The Church isn’t a building.  The Church is a group of believers who meet together regularly, under the authority of Christ their King and Biblically qualified leadership. They worship the Father, study and communicate the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, pray and fellowship together, observe the ordinances, and go out to share the love of Christ to the lost world.

That’s why we don’t focus on where people have church; they can meet anywhere!  

For consistency, TTI  specifies that a church has three or more unrelated families.  

How long does it take to go through the TTI training?

The training process takes approximately two years.
Learn more.

What does it take to be a disciple maker?

We believe that every believer is a disciple and that every disciple is a disciple maker. It doesn’t matter your past, economic status, or giftings—if you love Christ and are committed to obeying His commands, you have what it takes to be a disciple maker! 

How much does it cost to plant a church?

We don’t focus on structures or salaries, so the average cost to plant a multiplying church is just $300. 

How can I partner with TTI?

Pray. Pray that God would use disciple makers around the world to proclaim His name among those who have never heard. To receive prayer requests directly from the field, join the International Prayer Team. 

Give. Your giving ensures that the Gospel message reaches to some of the most remote places on earth. Lives are changed for eternity when you invest in the disciple making movement.

Network. Do you know others who are serious about Jesus and fulfilling the Great Commission? Tell them about how God is using you and your partnership with TTI to advance His Kingdom. 

Make Disciples. You love Jesus and want others to know Him, too. We’ll walk alongside you in your disciple making journey.

Contact TTI USA for more information.

Why are you called The Timothy Initiative?

The Timothy Initiative’s name comes from 2 Timothy 2:2.

“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”