Here’s a testimony from one of our students:

My name is Vincent. I am 40 yrs old. I have a wife and three children. I had to go to another city to find work.

I was an alcoholic for many years and felt awful about myself. I knew my habit was destructive, but I felt powerless to change.

One day there was an open air Gospel meeting in the city where I work. I saw the crowd and was curious; I wanted to find out what was going on. It was at that meeting that I first heard about Jesus. After the meeting the preacher shook my hand and gave me a Gospel packet. I took it home but when I tried to read it I needed someone to explain it to me. There was no one I could ask. I didn’t know any believers.

A few months later I went back to my village. One day on a school property they were having an open air Gospel meeting. I saw the crowd. I saw a phone number for the pastor listed on a poster. I jotted down the number, but decided against going into the meeting. A few days later I called the number. I later found out that the pastor was a TTI district leader.

I invited the pastor to visit my home. I had a lot of questions that needed answers. My family was desperate to see me live without my drinking habit. The pastor came and shared his testimony with me. I shared about my drinking problem. The pastor prayed for me and I was totally delivered. From that day on I didn’t have another drink. My family was amazed. They had lost hope that I would ever live without this addiction.

My deliverance gave me a platform to share Christ. Many people wanted to know how I overcame alcoholism. I called a meeting of friends and family to share Jesus with them. The pastor joined me and we shared the Gospel with about 30-35 people. Many people were healed and delivered that day. We started meeting regularly in the community shed, which is the only suitable place to meet as the huts in our village are too small for a group our size.

Some people in the village were very angry at seeing this group of believers meeting together. They made a plan to beat the pastor and the believers. On June 30th, 2013 they were ready to attack our small church. A few of the believers heard about the plan and came to church to inform the pastor of the villagers’ plans.

The pastor was unable to attend that day and had sent another TTI district leader. As soon as the district leader stepped over the border into the village, the son of the leader of the angry group fell over dead. The crowd rushed over to him but he was already gone. There was great fear among the people.

Our Sunday service was conducted peacefully that day. From that day forward there was no opposition to our meeting. On August 14th I visited the village and encouraged the believers . The pastor told me that many of the believers there were baptized on November 17th.

God is working mightily among my people. Most of the people in this village are very poor and illiterate. Please pray for this village and for my people.