Do you ever think what you’re doing is mundane or doesn’t matter? I have moments like that, too. You might think I wouldn’t; that working with TTI, every email I write and report I prepare would seem significant – but you know, it doesn’t always.

Then last Friday, it did. I had already been giving tours to most of the guests at TTI’s Open House when my parents asked for an office tour. I obliged. Standing outside of David’s office, my mother asked me “How many new believers have come to Christ as a result of what you’re doing?”

I know all the stats. It’s my job to know. When we have new church planting numbers, I change them on our website as well as in marketing materials, so I know what they are. I knew that we had just crossed 22,029 churches planted and with each church impacting 15 people, I knew the number.

“Over 300,000 people” I replied, very matter-of-factly. I said that like it was a normal thing to say. Like I was just reciting a statistic.


And that’s when it hit me. It nearly knocked the wind out of me.

This little organization that God birthed out of Grace Fellowship in West Palm Beach has brought over a quarter of a million people into the Kingdom.

It’s something I knew in my head but it traveled to my heart in a way it hadn’t before. It lit up my soul. All at once I felt overwhelmed and humbled.

In your daily life, it’s easy to feel like the things we do don’t matter, like they don’t have eternal significance. I want to encourage you. As you love others, speak words of life, and give of yourself freely – you are doing something significant. You may not be able to go to Nepal with David or feel led to start a church in your house, but you can love well, give big and pray hard.

Just do the things you know to do. We’ll never know this side of heaven what a great impact your faithfulness in the small things had on the tide of eternity.