For decades, what is currently known as the  Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has been in a state of conflict and chaos. You can read a background summary here, but basically from conflicts within it’s own nation, combined with conflicts with other people groups, rebels and surrounding countries, millions of people have been killed and horrendous atrocities have been committed. Most recently, the country is still trying to “recover” from what is known as Africa’s first world war while the conflict continues.

At the beginning of this year TTI started training just over 500 church planters in the DRC. As of right now that number has dropped to somewhere between 350-400 due to the war and conflict. Thousands of people have had to flee their homes for safety, and we are uncertain as to what has happened to many of the church planters. Some of them are living in refugee camps like the ones pictured below.

Our National Leader writes of the conflict:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters,

 Greetings from eastern of  DRCongo. I inform you that the situation is critical in rural areas and now in Goma town. Friday 28/09/2012, I traveled to Masisi at 82 km visiting pastors and believers in the refugees camps. Arriving there, I saw three villages burning by rebels and people were running to save their life. People are concentrated in camps without tents and are exposed to sun and rains, no food , no medicine. In brief, they don’t have assistance.

 In Goma town, everyday two or three people are killed. We are living in great insecurity. Please continue praying for  the Congolese.”

Even though the situation is dire and there is much uncertainty, we do know one thing: “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5, NIV). From those 350-400 students still being trained to plant a church, there will be an average of 15 new baptized believers per church plant. That means that by the end of their training in a few months there will be approximately 5,000-6,000 more followers of Jesus! With Jesus there is always hope, always light, and always life!

Please join us in praying for and supporting our brothers and sisters in the DRC.


Pictures from refugee camps: