I just received this testimony regarding one of our TTI students in Nepal.  I hope it encourages you.

Peter is one of our church planters and will be finishing his training with us at the end of this month.  Peter was born into a well respected family in East Asia.

At the age of 14, one of his sister’s died. The next month a brother died. The next month, another sister died. The next month his father died. The next month his mother became very ill and could not speak.  Every day Peter would read his religion’s holy books and give payments to priests to heal his mother. Soon they were out of money and animals.

But Peter had read  about Jesus in this holy book. He went to the priest and asked, “Who is this Jesus?” The man replied, “Jesus name is salvation!”

This interested Peter very much. He went to a nearby church and told the pastor about his mother and asked more about Jesus. The pastor asked Peter, “Believe you Jesus Christ?” Peter replied quickly, “YES!” The pastor wanted to go to Peter’s house but Peter said, “I have no money.”

“No problem,” the pastor said. “Just believe in Jesus.”

Peter’s mother also believed. After being on death’s door step, she was out of bed that afternoon and the next morning she was up making breakfast. They were all very happy. They took all their previous holy books and threw them in the river.

Peter began sharing his faith right away and has not stopped, even when tribal people were pointing their bows and arrows at him, saying “We don’t want to hear about your God.” He does not fear death or persecution and has seen many come to Christ. With little training, but loads of passion, he has already planted five churches. When he went home over the Christmas holidays, he found that his main church had almost doubled in size while he had been traveling with us!

Please pray for Peter and the thousands of TTI students all over the world.

Pictured below is Peter (right side) with his friend Joel.