Since my childhood I was very much interested in visiting various temples in order to worship the gods and goddess. My ambition was to search for the living God but I was very much disappointed and disturbed because I could not find anything.
There was a lacking inside of me for something more. In December of 2004, I met a Christian pastor who gave me a Bible to read and know more about the living God. By reading I understood that Jesus Christ could be the savior of my life. I confessed all my sins and accepted Him as my savior, since that day with my family we are serving in our village.
During some religious riots a few years back we were severely affected by radical religious leaders in the area we live. They looked for Christians whom they may attack and they burned our houses, churches and looted all of our things. One day I was with a group of believers and we were running to save our lives. At that time a group of people came and attacked and beat me with an iron rod. I left unconscious and all my family escaped somewhere else. I was unconscious for some hours and the attackers thought that I was dead, so they left me there and went away.
I thank GOD that someone came and found me in a bleeding condition and immediately took me for medical treatment. I was in the hospital for 3 months. After I came out I went to a Relief camp and found my family, who had assumed that I was dead and had already informed the police to try and find my dead body. That time was really a time of joy. We came to our village 8 months later and found nothing at my home. By the grace of God we have moved back into our village.
I am thank God for TTI. The teaching program has given me much encouragement. I have decided to study the word of God and witness for my Savior. Now I am doing my studies in TTI and same time started new fellowship in another village where 22 people are regularly gathering for fellowship. I am planning to call our leaders to teach more to these people and prepared for Baptism during Christmas season. Please pray that work of the Lord would expand in other parts of my area!