This past weekend we saw a few street kids that we have made a friendship with.  We asked them to stay home on Saturday because we were coming to visit them.  They are currently living a little less than 1 mile from our house.  

The street kid’s parents are notorious in their village for drinking and immoral lifestyles.  As a result, they have been kicked to the outskirts of the village.  There they have constructed tents and makeshift houses where nearly 30 people live together.  There is no running water or power supply.  The people live day to day based on their begging, specifically the begging of the children. 

We talked with the parents and told them if they agreed to send their children to school, than we would continue to bring them food.  They happily agreed.  So we started hopefully a weekly/monthly tradition of delivering food. Please be in prayer for these outcast people. 

We provided enough food for all of them for more than 1 meal for roughly $20!