Today Amber and I picked up 5 of the kids from the slum as we had been promising them school shoes for the past few weeks. Today was finally the day, for schools require that each child have one black and one white pair of shoes. As we brought the 5 kids into the small shoe shop they were extremely excited. We proceeded to ask the kids what size shoe they were, yet they stared blankly at us. We quickly realized they had no idea. None of them were even wearing shoes to begin with.
Kareb who is about 5 years old, was the youngest and the only girl out of the 5 kids. I literally don’t think she has ever worn shoes. As a result, this was an interesting experience to say the least. As she went to try the shoes on, the store owner gave her a plastic bag to use as a sock, so that the shoes would not get dirty from her feet. This demonstrates the filth of her feet.

As she stood there holding both new pairs of shoes, she had the greatest look on her face. She held the shoes as if she was holding the most expensive treasure in the world. It was difficult for her to hold both boxes, yet she was vigilant with a grip that was not letting go no matter what. This makes me think of how I respond in my life to the free gift of Salvation that Christ has given me. I was convicted as I realized that I do not treasure my salvation nearly as much as Karen did those new shoes, which amounted to about $4.50.

These moments in life are ones where you realize how great you truly have it. I was thinking about my life, and I have literally never had to skip a meal due to lack of money. Yet how many millions of people across the world do every day. This experience reminds me of how little it takes to make a difference in someone’s life. As we returned the kids back to the slum, they all ran back and showed their friends their new treasures. What a great opportunity we have been given. What a great message we have been entrusted with.

How to you treasure your Salvation? Or the lives of those around you?

Pictured below is Amber with Karen