Shakuntala’s Story

When Shakuntala started acting bizarrely, her family members called in local witch doctors to do an exorcism. The witch doctors arrived and performed several rituals involving strings, flowers, and reciting prayers ordering the evil spirits to leave, but nothing changed. Shakuntala’s family spent a lot of money seeking treatment at hospitals, witch doctors, and temple priests. For twenty years, they searched for a cure. In twenty years, nothing changed. As the years went by, the family lost hope. Their daughter was tormented. The villagers treated them as outcasts. Their family members were terrified of Shakuntala. The gods they worshipped did nothing to help them. Shakuntala’s parents were on the brink of abandoning their daughter, to get peace from her constant screaming and shrieking.

One day, a disciple maker named Babli met Shakuntala and told her about Jesus. She prayed for Shakuntala, and at first, Shakuntala resisted and tried to run away. Babli continued to pray and commanded the evil spirit to leave. Shakuntala was instantly set free. Everyone around began to praise Jesus—even those who didn’t know Him yet!

Shakuntala received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and attends the fellowship regularly.

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