The sewing ministry that was started in April is currently training seven women. The women come from all different backgrounds. One woman I want to draw attention to is from our very own Grace Home. Hannah came to Grace Home at age 17. She had been in an accident when she was younger and lost one of her legs. We have had many generous people that donated funds for her to receive a prosthetic leg. We are so thankful for those people that made a difference in Hannah’s life!

Hannah also learned a lot of English while she stayed with us at Grace Home. This has now prepared her to go out and get a part-time job at a Christian school nearby the sewing ministry. She is now teaching nursery age children ABC’s. Hannah is also excelling in the sewing program and is the top student right now.

It is very encouraging for us to see these wonderful developments in her life. When I first met Hannah I saw a hopeless girl that had no aspirations for her life. Now when I look at Hannah, I see a woman of strength that can see a bright future for herself. Thank you to everyone that has made this ministry possible!