Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Rajveer’s Story

Rajveer, a TTI church planter, has been serving the Lord for nearly five years in an area known for religious persecution. Hinduism is the state religion, and the region has an anti-conversion laws in effect. Despite much effort, Rajveer’s church was not growing. Being a young missionary, he was deeply discouraged to not see much fruit from his labor.

On the verge of disappointment, Rajveer attended a TTI Vision Casting in his state and came to know the philosophies of disciple making and church planting. Without a second thought, he decided to train 21 new believers in his village as Timothys. Rajveer and these disciple makers took the call of God seriously, especially the lessons of the “Four Fields,” “My Story,” and “God’s Story.” They began to practice what they learned at the TTI trainings. Within the first four months, the same church that had simply survived for five years saw 45 new believers added! Fueled by their excitement, Rajveer and his Timothys couldn’t wait to extend the work to another nearby village.

After I joined TTI and started following the philosophy of church planting, I saw a revolutionary change in the area of disciple making. Believers who never used to share the Gospel are zealous to share their faith with others. Believers who never had any interest to study the Bible are learning God’s Word and practicing it with great joy Each of these 21 Timothys were occasional church visitors in the past but now are church planters!” -Rajveer

During the pandemic, the classes and church services were online, and Rajveer made sure that there was no gap in the learning process. As of today, the Lord has accomplished the following work through Paul Rajveer and his Timothys:

  • New believers reached by the Timothys during DMD Phase: 45
  • New villages reached: 10

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