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Quarterly Partner Update

April 30, 2021

In the first quarter of the year alone, thousands of lives were impacted by a life-changing encounter with Jesus; Here are just a few of their stories. Thank you for being a partner in this Kingdom Building movement!

Samson’s Story

Samson’s Story

A lot of people can tell you that there’s a distinct smell in their homes; it may be the scent of freshly-baked cookies or something else that just reminds you of that place. For Samson, that smell was alcohol. He grew up with alcoholic parents who drank away every coin they possessed. The stench of their guilty pleasure lingered on their breaths. His childhood memories included watching his parents in different states of inebriation, with the reek of alcohol emanating from their bodies. This environment impacted Samson, who assumed alcoholism was the norm. He, too, started drinking when he reached the legal age. He was soon hooked just like his parents, and he squandered all that he earned to feed his addiction with no hope for the future.

A TTI disciple maker named Almasi rode his motorcycle through the village to Samson’s house on a warm sunny day. Samson was in the throes of a heavy hangover. Nonetheless, he agreed to meet with Almasi, who shared the Gospel with him using an audio Bible. As they listened together, Almasi explained the Good News of salvation. The Bible’s truths tugged at Samson’s heartstrings; he became aware of the immoral conduct he’d carelessly practiced. After they finished listening to the audio Bible, Samson shared his desire to repent, confess his sins, give his life to Jesus Christ. Almasi prayed with him, and he gave his heart to the Lord.

Samson changed his ways and quit drinking after making the bold decision to pursue Christ. As a result of his decision, he lost a lot of friends, but that did not deter him. He felt calm and at peace, and he wasn’t concerned about anything. He joined Almasi’s church, where he continues to grow spiritually through fellowship with other believers.

Esther’s Story

Esther’s Story

Esther could not read and write like other girls her age. While her friends and neighbors attended school, she remained at home because her parents couldn’t afford to send her. Esther filled her days cleaning the house, preparing food, and tending to her siblings. However, when she became a teenager, she was forced to help provide for the family.

Seeing how difficult it was to get a job without an education, Esther became a prostitute. At first, she felt thrilled to be needed by men, but this novelty quickly wore off. Over time, Esther felt dirty, abused, and exhausted. However, since she made good money, she did not quit. She continued trading her body for cash until she met TTI church planter named Ruth and her friends. They were sharing the Good News of Christ in her town.

Ruth introduced herself to Esther and told her about the love of Christ. As she explained to Esther how Jesus could take away her burdens and give her a more meaningful life, her fellow believers prayed in silence. Even though their words encouraged her, Esther turned down the invitation for salvation because she felt unworthy of Christ’s love. Ruth shared contact information with her, and together with her disciples, continued to pray for her.

In response to the church planter’s prayers, God convicted Esther of her sinful actions, and she contacted Ruth three days after they had met. They spoke more about Jesus, and she gave her heart to the Lord.

Through consistent discipleship, Esther has found Christ to be her source of life, peace, and joy. She is an active member at Ruth’s fellowship, where she has learned more about God’s character. Set free, Esther stopped prostituting herself and severed her ties with old friends. She looks forward to baptism and is committed to serving Christ all her life.

Monisha’s Story

Monisha’s Story

Having grown up in a poor family, Monisha wanted nothing more than to acquire money and a lovely big mansion. She thought success and wealth would drive away worry and disappointment. Monisha believed worshiping several gods and goddesses and offering sacrifices to the spirits who lived in farm fields would make her rich. She also thought fortune tellers would provide direction toward her goals.

Then one day, her husband came home with complete joy and happiness apparent in his heart. Meanwhile, her heart remained full of discontent and disappointment. When she asked him what happened, her husband merely said someone took all his burdens away. She could see the joy on his face, but her husband didn’t explain.

A few weeks later, Monisha walked into the home of a TTI disciple maker named Than. Her husband wanted her to watch the Jesus Film just like he had several weeks earlier. She watched and was surprised by what she experienced. Joy and peace rushed into her heart, and all the worry, pride, and disappointment rushed out.

As the Holy Spirit strongly moved, she, too, surrendered her life to Christ. She’s lost the desire for material wealth. Now, she experiences the riches of a loving and understanding relationship with her husband. They are growing together in their faith and regularly study the Bible at their local church.

Furthermore, Monisha is a disciple who makes more disciples in her local community by sharing her testimony with friends and neighbors.

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