Prem’s Story

As a 70-year-old, Prem enjoyed nothing more than interacting with evil spirits through occultism. One morning he was woken up with a sudden violent convulsion, and by the time it stopped, he was unconscious. This happened three to four times every day, even when he traveled. He ended up paranoid and started talking to himself. A few months ago, Prem’s granddaughter passed away while in the hospital with the same problem. His family beganaccusing him of her death. Prem’s health deteriorated, and medical help was of no use because his body wouldn’t respond to treatments of any sort. Prem used all his occult practices to appease the spirits, but his powers provedineffective in healing his body.

The one person who showed concern for Prem when he was going through all of this was his neighbor, a TTI disciplemaker named Bishnu B.K. He visited Prem’s house and shared the Gospel with the family. Prem and his family heard theGospel for the first time, and Bishnu presented an audio Bible to them. His simple request was for Prem to listen to the Word of God. As Bishnu prayed for Prem, Prem surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God healed him instantly, and he was set free. Overjoyed, Prem is growing through hearing the Word of God thanks to this audio Bible, andhe is also leading others towards Jesus.


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