The problem that some people have with Christianity, or religion in general, is that they believe that the things they have done are too much or too bad  for God to forgive. But let me remind you of Jesus’ words that “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick” (Luke 5:31). Jesus made it his business while on earth to forgive prostitutes, heal the demon possessed, and hang out with those that the rest of the world would consider “too bad” or had “gone too far” for forgiveness. Jesus still does the same thing today.

Cyprian (striped shirt) recently came to the Lord through the witness of a TTI pastor. A father of two, Cyprian was a chain marijuana smoker. He reports that he would then go and engage with domestic animals in sex orgies; acts that gave him unexplained satisfaction. He has now dedicated his life to Christ and asks that we pray for him.  Because he was so immersed in sin he asks us to pray for him because  he says it will take a lot of prayers to actually experience total deliverance. Pray for Cyprian as he battles his drug and sex addition, and that God would use him to minister to others like him in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

A lot of people would look at Cyprian and say that he had gone “too far” for forgiveness. But Jesus is still in the business of forgiving and restoring those that the world would deem “unforgivable”. He did it while on earth, he did it for Cyprian, and he can do it for you.