Give Wisely

IRS statistics show that most people give from their cash, even though the majority of wealth is held in noncash assets.


We can help you find ways to increase your impact, without restricting your cash—tax-wise giving, also called planned giving. For example, by donating noncash assets such as stocks, real estate, or business interests before the sale, you may reduce taxes & reach your giving goals.

Assets Owned

  • Noncash 90% 90%
  • Cash 10% 10%

Assets Given

  • Noncash 20% 20%
  • Cash 80% 80%

*IRS average data from 2000-2010


Pay Fewer Taxes

When giving an appreciated asset (like shares of stock), we recommend donating that asset directly to TTI rather than liquidating it, paying taxes, and then donating the net proceeds. The benefits of a pre-sale donation are clear: You may receive a generous tax deduction for the full, fair-market value of the gift, in addition to a reduction in capital gains taxes.

Give More to Ministry

Avoiding capital gains taxes allows more money to go to Kingdom work and less to the government.

Grow Personal Savings

Your personal tax return may include a tax deduction for the value of donated assets. This will provide you with additional income for monthly expenses or further giving.

Giving Options

A multitude of assets and giving options are accepted by TTI. Here are a few examples of assets that could help you increase your giving while not affecting your cash flow.

Appreciated Securities

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

Business Interests

Ownership in closely-held businesses, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, or Sub-chapter S Corporations

Estate Gifts

Proceeds from wills, trusts, or life insurance policies

Life Insurance

Term, whole, universal or variable

Personal Property

Royalties, copyrights, patents or precious metal

Real Estate

Land, houses, or other properties

Retirement Plans

401ks, IRAs, 403Bs

If you would like to know whether your asset would qualify, please contact us at [email protected]


The Timothy Initiative accepts a multitude of assets and giving options. TTI annually submits financial statements for an external audit and is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and has GuideStar’s platinum seal of transparency.

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