This past week Amber and I took a trip to Nepal, the home of Mt. Everest. We are currently training over 300 church planters inside this country. We attended a graduation of 22 church planters the first day. The next day we visited a small church started by one of our students. We also met with two other classes that are training pastors.

After church one day, we were invited to visit the pastor’s house. He is one of our students and was married with a wife and two kids. He proceeded to show us his humble home which was one room. The doorway was roughly 5 feet tall, so it was quite a site watching my 6-4 foot frame enter. As we sat and talked, the pastor told how just recently the church started meeting in a building close by. Before that they were all meeting in his house! He told how 30 of his congregation met there on a weekly basis. I asked him how they all fit inside, and he just smiled!

Great things are happening in all corners of the world. His church is new, but they are already reaching nearly 50 people! Thank you for your continued support in equipping pastors like this for the work of the ministry.

Nepal Graduation