Making Disciples that make Disciples

Monisha’s Story

Having grown up in a poor family, Monisha wanted nothing more than to acquire money and a lovely big mansion. She thought success and wealth would drive away worry and disappointment. Monisha believed worshiping several gods and goddesses and offering sacrifices to the spirits who lived in farm fields would make her rich. She also thought fortune tellers would provide direction toward her goals.

Then one day, her husband came home with complete joy and happiness apparent in his heart. Meanwhile, her heart remained full of discontent and disappointment. When she asked him what happened, her husband merely said someone took all his burdens away. She could see the joy on his face, but her husband didn’t explain.

A few weeks later, Monisha walked into the home of a TTI disciple maker named Than. Her husband wanted her to watch the Jesus Film just like he had several weeks earlier. She watched and was surprised by what she experienced. Joy and peace rushed into her heart, and all the worry, pride, and disappointment rushed out.

As the Holy Spirit strongly moved, she, too, surrendered her life to Christ. She’s lost the desire for material wealth. Now, she experiences the riches of a loving and understanding relationship with her husband. They are growing together in their faith and regularly study the Bible at their local church.

Furthermore, Monisha is a disciple who makes more disciples in her local community by sharing her testimony with friends and neighbors.

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