Roger is a TTI student.

Roger is 22 years old and married to Tammy. They have two small children.  Roger accepted the Lord and was baptized on November 24th, 2011.

Roger had always struggled in school. He never graduated high school. Despite his academic difficulties, in July 2013 he joined the TTI class with a desire to serve the Lord.


Roger began attending the first class, Hermeneutics, and enjoyed the study. Soon after his family faced a financial crisis. Roger felt that he had to quit the class and go to work 700 miles away in Delhi. Within a few weeks of moving to Delhi, he contracted hepatitis. His health deteriorated rather rapidly. Roger, now deathly sick, decided to return home.

On his trip back home, Roger felt like he was dying. He became unconscious while travelling by train. He was supposed to get off near his home but continued on to the another station by mistake. Even after all the passengers had gotten off the train, he laid unconscious in his cabin. Roger was discovered by one of the train officials who found a phone number in his pocket. The contact number belonged to another TTI student.

The TTI student contacted Roger’s family members, who rushed to the railway station. They took Roger to a Medical College and Hospital. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. He was treated for three days with zero improvement in his condition. The family was advised by doctors to move Roger to a different hospital, where the doctors gave the same verdict – no hope. The TTI student stayed with the family all this time and was constantly in touch with their District Leader, who was also fasting and praying for Roger.

God in his infinite kindness answered their fervent prayers for Roger’s recovery.

After one week his condition started improving. Roger was discharged and sent home.  As his family watched his healing occur they could not deny it was a miracle which God had performed. Roger’s entire family – his parents, three brothers and two sisters accepted the Lord. Recently his mother–in-law and his brother-in-law also came to faith in Christ and will be baptized very shortly.

Roger and Tammy have regular Sunday services at their home. Nearly 25 people attend their fellowship. Roger has rejoined the TTI class. He decided to finish his study of the word so that he can better serve the Lord. Please pray for Roger, his family and their fellowship.