The reality of this location has never been more real for me then last couple of days as I have gone to the slum village near our house. The situation of the people is very frustrating. The husbands stay at home all day and send their wives and children out to do dangerous begging on the streets. The wives and children will come back and have to give over the money to their husband’s, who will, in-turn use it to feed their never ending alcoholic addiction.

A situation just happened yesterday when one of the husbands’s sent his wife and his one-month old son out to beg. The baby has been sick the last couple of times we have come. So it was disturbing to find that his addiction was so strong that even at the risk to the baby, he sent them out. Mind you he sat home the whole time drinking the rest of what was left of his liquor.

My heart is breaking when I think about how strong so many of these women have to be. I met a woman today that had her baby 26 yrs earlier. She was walking around taking care of the needs of her family, when just a day ago she had given birth in a tent with mud floors. No epidural, no doctor, no nurse, not even a clean place to lie down. This really impacted me as I prepare to have my baby here. I realized how blessed I am. I have a nice hospital to give birth in with a doctor I trust.

Prayer is desperately needed for our ministry in this slum village. We really want to help change the plight of these women and children. But to do this we need to reach the men of the slum. Please pray for wisdom, discernment and open doors for this ministry. We just took all the slum kids to a free medical camp put on by one of our friends. It was great to see the Grace Home girls and the slum Kids playing together and having a great time!!!