Krishna’s Story

Krishna, a 60-year-old widow, lived most of her life following Hindu ideology. She offered animal sacrifices to the gods at their altars; she visited temples and performing the required rituals. Then Krishna developed a strange headache accompanied by loss of consciousness. Medical treatments proved useless, and the proposed cures by the witch doctors were expensive.

One day, Krishna visited her parents in her hometown. During her time there, she saw  her relative, a church planter named Sukhi. Krishna shared her struggles with him, and Sukhi took the opportunity to share the Gospel with Krishna. He assured Krishna that nothing is impossible with Jesus, and shared stories of

His power with her. Sukhi prayed for her and gave her a proclaimer, encouraging her to listen to the Word of God. Krishna heard the Word of God and received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She attended the church fellowship the following Sunday, and as the church prayed for her healing, she was instantaneously and miraculously healed. Krishna rejoices in her healing and salvation and is growing in her faith as she listens to her audio Bible and fellowships with the local church.

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