Kingdom Impact

Every day

72 new churches

are planted on average.

Churches Planted

Estimated New Disciples Made

Widows & Orphans Impacted through the Local Church

Caring for the least of these

The Timothy Initiative encourages the local church both to share the Good News and seek practical ways to impact their societies for Christ. This includes pulling from their own resources to provide for widows and orphans. They also lead the charge in disaster relief efforts, care for the disabled, rescue trafficked victims, and challenge social injustices.

Stories of Impact

Shakuntala’s Story

Shakuntala’s Story

When Shakuntala started acting bizarrely, her family members called in local witch doctors to do an exorcism. The witch doctors arrived and performed several rituals involving strings, flowers, and reciting prayers ordering the evil spirits to leave, but nothing...

Krishna’s Story

Krishna’s Story

Krishna, a 60-year-old widow, lived most of her life following Hindu ideology. She offered animal sacrifices to the gods at their altars; she visited temples and performing the required rituals. Then Krishna developed a strange headache accompanied by loss of...

Dan’s Story

Dan’s Story

Dan, a faithful devotee of Hinduism, neverfailed to practice the rituals recommended by the tradition, but his life remained the same – poverty, struggles, sickness, and more. At times he experienced severe stomach pain and couldn’t find relief by medicine or by any...