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Kingdom Impact

Every day

43 new churches

are planted on average.

Churches Planted

New Disciples Made

Widows & Orphans Impacted through the Local Church

Caring for the least of these

The Timothy Initiative encourages the local church both to share the Good News and seek practical ways to impact their societies for Christ. This includes pulling from their own resources to provide for widows and orphans. They also lead the charge in disaster relief efforts, care for the disabled, rescue trafficked victims, and challenge social injustices.

Stories of Impact

Nanko’s Story

Nanko’s Story

Nanko stared at Jess in disbelief. It wasn’t possible. There was no way that God could forgive him. He raised his shackled hands, as if to remind her of who he was; of where they were at, He was in prison – and he deserved to be. He lived a life of violence and crime....

Aple’s Story

Aple’s Story

Aple ducked his head, embarrassed as the young boys wrinkled their noses in disgust and rushed to the other side of the road. He didn’t blame them. His hair was matted and he could barely stand his own stench. But, there was nothing that could be done. The orders were...

Koja’s Story

Koja’s Story

As Koja’s eyes locked with the new arrival at the refugee camp, she recognized an all too familiar look… hopelessness. She understood why. As a former Sudanese General, she understood the atrocity of war and fled Sudan to escape it. She, too, made the dangerous trek...