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Kingdom Impact

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43 new churches

are planted on average.

Churches Planted

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Widows & Orphans Impacted through the Local Church

Caring for the least of these

The Timothy Initiative encourages the local church both to share the Good News and seek practical ways to impact their societies for Christ. This includes pulling from their own resources to provide for widows and orphans. They also lead the charge in disaster relief efforts, care for the disabled, rescue trafficked victims, and challenge social injustices.

Stories of Impact

Disciple Makers Respond

Disciple Makers Respond

COVID-19 has shaken the world with dark consequences. But in that darkness, there are bright points of light. God's people are bringing the light of His love to those impacted.  In this post, we're sharing just a few images from Asia of the work being carried out by...

Durga’s Story

Durga’s Story

At 66-years-old, Durga lived a long time without knowing or following Jesus. As he grew older, he experienced paralysis of his left hand and leg. He spent enormous sums of money on various medical treatments, visited witch doctors, and offered sacrifices to his gods...

Jacob’s Story (video)

Jacob’s Story (video)

Jacob's family raised him to be the chief witch doctor. His transformation from darkness opened a door for the Gospel to reach others.  Related Videos