Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Kalifa’s Story

Kalifa’s heart was torn apart by the news of his father’s death.

He couldn’t understand why a man he cherished and loved had to die. As the days passed, he gave up trying to hold his head up and quit school. Kalifa felt defeated.

His mother was concerned about how she would provide for her family with the loss of her husband. Kalifa made a deal with a nearby shopkeeper to meet their never-ending basic needs. He offered to assist with the shop for a monthly wage of about $14 and food for them to eat.

As life was beginning to improve for their family, little did Kalifa know that tragedy was right around the corner. His mother committed suicide.

 For a young man who had already seen so much anguish, suffering, and heartbreak, everything seemed meaningless. He felt abandoned and alone, with no mother, no father, and no siblings to turn to. His days were overwhelmed with great sorrow, and despite his attempts to survive, those who knew him despised him and treated him as a mentally ill person.

It was in this maze that Kalifa met Omar, a TTI disciple maker. Omar shared about a man named Jesus that could bring light to Kalifa’s gloomy life. The encouragement from the Scriptures profoundly convicted him, leading him to accept Christ. Kalifa saw radical changes in his life after giving his life to Jesus. Finally, there was a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel! Omar and Kalifa became such good friends that Omar hired Kalifa. Now, Kalifa prays that he will continue to bless those around him. He confidently shares the Gospel with those who, like him, are in dire need of Jesus.

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Musa’s Planted Seed

Musa’s Planted Seed

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Khalida’s Story

Khalida’s Story

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