All throughout the Bible God challenges people to exercise faith first and let understanding come afterwards.  Yet, the response is often a demand that God’s ways and thoughts be made intelligible. 

Have you ever started a journey without knowing the destination?  May sound fun for an occasional drive around town, but what about the direction of your life?  Today we are told to map out a “5 year plan” and to make sure we are ready for what may happen next.  This is drastically different than what happened in Abraham’s life. 

We may ask ourselves why God called Abraham to begin a journey without knowing the precise destination (Genesis 12).   I think it is because of human nature to affirm that God is correct in his leading.  Ultimately I think we want to decide what is best for our lives.  We dont want to be told by God that something is wrong in our life when everything seems great.  On the flip side, we dont want to be told something is good for us when it sems like it is going to take a lot of effort and may actually bring us some pain.  We want to hold the position of power in our lives as tightly as possible. 

Doesnt it seem strange that the journey we map out in our mind is so clear, yet we have no control of what will happen tomorrow…while God’s direction for our life sems so unclear, though He holds the universe together by His very word???

As long as we first insist that everything about God’s ways and plans be made completely clear to us before we decide to act on his invitation, we will never act.  However, if we will surrender our “right” to decide what is best for us and allow God to determine that, we are on our way.  Ultimately it takes surrender.