When you look at the prophecy of the Old Testament it is often amazing the things you discover.  For example, when you read Isaiah 53:7-9 it is stunning to think of the apparent failure of Jesus’ ministry in the short term.  According to 53:7-9, he died chidless in the midst of life, deprived of justice and treated as though he had been violent and deceitful.  Yet, he was content in doing the Father’s will. 

Is the same true of us today?  Are we prepared to leave the outcome of our servanthood in God’s hands?  Are we willing to allow God to determine the outcome of our faithful submission to his will? 

There is nothing wrong with seeking to be a success for God.  The father of modern missions William Carey coined the phrase: “Attempt Great Things For God.”  The issue is how we determine “success.” 

Will you be faithful to God in absolute obedience and let God determine the outcome of your submission to his will?  Something to think about…