Recently we became foster parents to 5 boys who live in the nearby slum.  We have been working in this area for a few years now and have become close with the people there.  As a result we told them that we were willing to take some of the kids that were being sent out to beg during the daytime.  The people were happy to send the kids. One of the children was a complete orphan.  The others all had one or both parents, however, none of them were in school and they spent their days on the streets begging.

When we took the boys into our home everyone warned us that this may not turn out like we expect.  Unfortunately, they were correct.  Though the children were very well behaved and were adjusting to life in our home rather well, some of the men from the slum decided that they did not like having the kids sent to out home.  So one day when we went to pick them up from school, the men had already taken them out of the school and brought them back to the slum.  When I went to figure out the situation the boys were all very sad and clearly disappointed that they had to return to the slum.

But, there was nothing I could do, so I told the boys that I would be praying for them and had to go back home.  This was a difficult time for us.  If you can remember, please pray for the 5 boys:  Bob, Sam, Matt, Robert, and Ryan.