Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Imprisoned for 11 Days

All personal information was removed for the safety of these new believers. 

A TTI church planter and a disciple maker attended a new church where nine believers gathered to worship. As they prayed and sang to the Lord, they suddenly heard a commotion outside the house. A mob had gathered outside, prepared to attack the Christians in this small fellowship.

Among the angry crowd were people spying for new believers. The two TTI believers were falsely accused of pressuring people to convert to Christianity by offering money. As the situation escalated, their lives were at risk. Before the police arrived at the scene, both of these believers were assaulted. When the police came, they arrested the two disciple makers and took them to the police station for further interrogation. This interrogation was no simple questioning—again, both were beaten by the police. They faced allegations that they’d paid to convert several people over the last few months.

When a TTI leader learned what had happened, he went to the police station to appeal for bail. The TTI leader met a legal advocate who demanded 5,000 rupees (around $70) to file the appeal for bail. But this leader didn’t have nearly enough money—so the two disciple makers remained in jail for the next 11 days while he gathered the funds. Meanwhile, local media groups published more false allegations against them and other believers in their area.

Again, the TTI leader appealed for bail. By now, the story was so widely known that the bail was increased to the equivalent of $210 per person. The believers had no other option left and finally arranged to pay the steep price of bail to be released. Neighbors and relatives have disowned them and now treat them like strangers. Since then, this community of believers now worships the Lord in secret.

How can you pray for the believers in this community?

  • Once every three months, there will be another hearing on this case. These believers must hire a legal advocate every time. It’s uncertain how long the case will be dragged out in court. Pray that the Lord will sustain them through this process.
  • This incident has alarmed believers across the area. Pray that believers in this region might experience divine peace despite the severe persecution.
  • This region has an anti-conversion bill, which puts Christians at risk, especially new believers. Pray for the safety of those proclaiming Christ in this area.

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