Jeremiah 20 is a challenging passage that I came across today.  Jeremiah was beaten, put in the stocks and publically humiliated by Pashhur a priest.  Yet, Pashhur has prophesied lies. 

Jeremiah is persecuted becuase of the “word of the Lord.”  Jeremiah feels like his persecutors are just waiting to see how they can get him next.  This is a difficult time for Jeremiah as he feels God has turned His back on him.  Yet, God’s word is like a fire within him, and he is unable to resist the urge to speak, even if the “violence and destruction” of which he speaks brings on more persecution. 

In times of difficulty and persecution can we say that the word of the Lord is burning in our hearts and we just cannot contain it any longer?  Doesnt seem to describe me most of the time.  Challenging example left by Jeremiah the Prophet.