Here is an exciting update from faithful Koudjo, Regional Director for TTI West Africa (pictured upper right).

August 7, 2013, marks our trip to the first TTI church planter graduation on the Ivory Coast!  Koudjo, Regional Director for TTI West Africa, and his wife, Germain, travelled 9 hours to Duekoue in the western part of the county where TTI has two training centers.  Late in the evening, Koudjo held a meeting with four district leaders.  He briefed them about new TTI methods and told them that they must follow-up with the new church plants for a full year before another church plant is started.  The National Director, Nestor Tooua, arrived the following day after a long journey.  All of the district leaders gave a report on their centers and students.

Ivory Coast Collage



















On Friday, August 9th, 39 church planters graduated from their training at Duekoue!  The next day, they traveled back to the capital city of Abidjan, where, on Sunday afternoon, 44 church planters graduated!

The 17 church planters still in training fled to Liberia during the war. They have continued their TTI training in a refugee camp and will graduate in October. In all, there are 83 new church plants and 1,577 churches total in the region!

In conclusion, despite the difficulties due to the war, we have cause to celebrate!  Let us pray fervently for TTI Ivory Coast.

Only Jesus can really bring peace to millions of hearts which are wounded by the war.

Thanks and God bless you all,


Regional Director, TTI West Africa