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He might die in surgery. He would die without it.

Devi paced the floor, anxiety dripping from her prayers to the Hindu gods. Her husband, Arjun, was diagnosed with kidney stones that required an operation. The doctors cautioned that the surgery could be life threatening; so was going without it. Either way, there was a risk of him dying. Devi didn’t know what to do. When her teary eyes met Arjun’s, his expression matched her own. Anxious. Fearful. Hopeless.

For weeks, they went back and forth on how to proceed. Each conversation was more depressing than the next, with no resolution in sight. Then one day, they had a visitor. Devi’s niece, a TTI disciple maker, was in town, and she presented an alternative to surgery… prayer.

At first, they scoffed at the idea. Been there, done that. The Hindu gods were uninterested and unwilling to help them. Her niece insisted that Jesus was nothing like the Hindu gods—He did not demand sacrifices but rather sacrificed Himself for them. Their prayers would not fall of deaf ears, for Jesus was alive, powerful, and responsive to those that seek Him. Curious to hear more, Devi attended the local church. She was deeply moved by their care for each other, and their love for their Savior. She decided to follow Jesus, and believed that He would bring both salvation and healing to her family. Devi returned home and faithfully prayed for her husband. On their next trip to the hospital, the doctors were astonished to discover that the kidney stones had disappeared! Arjun surrendered his life to Christ, and he and Devi shared this miraculous news with their neighbors. They are training to be disciple makers and have planted a church with five other families in their village!

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