Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Grace’s Story

Grace had always associated Christianity with infidelity. Because she was born and raised in an Islamic family, she was cultured to despise Christians. For her, Islam was the most superior faith, and she worked hard every day to live by what she read in the Quran. Her faithfulness and diligence in the faith, however, did not yield much for her. Evil spirits frequently tormented her.

Yohana, Grace’s friend, invited her to his home for a fellowship one evening. She accepted the invitation despite not knowing what to expect. When Grace arrived, she found TTI church planters sharing the Word of God. Curious, she eagerly listened to learn more about God’s love. Every word that reached her ears softened her heart. A striking parallel for her was that God is the one who will come to judge in both Islam and Christianity. Knowing how much she despised Christians filled her with remorse. By the time the sermon ended, Grace knew she had to know this God. Going against everything she previously believed, Grace yielded to the call and surrendered her life to Christ.

When she returned home and told her family, there was an uproar. It was an abomination that she had abandoned her faith. All Grace could hear was mockery from the people she considered family. Her family forbid Grace from returning home. She cried out to God for help, believing that He was her only hope. And God answered Grace’s prayers! After some time, her family members softened their hearts and welcomed Grace back home, allowing her to practice Christianity. She is now serving in the church and continuously prays that her family will come to the light of Christ.

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Marimu’s Story

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Dorika’s Story

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