Just today we received this story of a man whose life and family was changed by the word of God. Nathan’s testimony is below. Celebrate with us!

“My name is Nathan*. My home life was not happy. My father was an alcoholic who became very violent when he drank. He beat my mother nearly every day. Our family lacked peace. It was a difficult life.

Last September a TTI student told me about Jesus. My heart was moved by what this student shared and I wanted to learn more, so I tried to find a Bible. I remembered that there was a man in my village who used to be a Christian but had backslidden. I asked him if he had a Bible, he said he did and brought out a Bible covered in dust. I bought it from him, wiped off the dust, and started reading it.

I continued to read the Bible aloud in my room every morning and evening. As I did that, a miracle happened. My parents began to listen to what I read. Initially they just listened from outside my room but after a week of listening from afar, they came in. My parents began to join me every morning and evening, listening to the words more carefully. My older brother also started joining us.

As I read the word of God, our hearts began to change. My father stopped drinking and beating my mother. The Word touched our hearts and changed the home environment dramatically. In time, my whole family accepted Christ as Savior and got baptized by our local TTI District Leader.

I became a student under him in February and began to share the Gospel with our neighbors. My family also feels compelled to share the good news of how Jesus changed our family. We now have a small church meeting in our home weekly where ten of us gather together to worship the Lord.

I am so grateful to God for his Word and for sending someone to share the news about his Son. Thank you to all the supporters who sent the message of Jesus to me and my family. We are forever changed.”

*Names and specific location information have been altered or excluded for security purposes.