I have copied an email I received yesterday from one of our leaders below. Please do pray for these people as they risk their lives daily for the Gospel!

“Thank you for the prayer and support. Here I am attaching some of the photos of TTI graduates in our country.  The photos are not so clear because it was taken by mobile and I have resnaped it and somehow it looks so blured and many do not have camara and even mobile what we got I am attaching it.

Our graduates have brought quite a number of new believers to the Lord and I am attaching for your prayer points. Please kindly pray for them our country is changing. Last year we had a lots of problems concerning Christian issues and government has passed the law for anti conversion and now we must be very carful in all our corespondings and ministry we are forced to be under ground ministry please kindly pray.

If the government know we have baptized and convert new believers the penality is 3-5 years imprisionment. Please kindly pray for this situation. Once again thank you for the prayer and support.”