Durga’s Story

At 66-years-old, Durga lived a long time without knowing or following Jesus. As he grew older, he experienced paralysis of his left hand and leg. He spent enormous sums of money on various medical treatments, visited witch doctors, and offered sacrifices to his gods and goddesses, but his condition remained the same. He felt hopeless. 
One day, a missionary named Prakash was walking down the streets of Durga’s village, preaching the Gospel. He spotted Durga lying helpless on the bed in the courtyard of his house. Filled with compassion, Prakash approached him and asked about his condition. Durga shared his story of hardship with Prakash, who comforted and encouraged him with the Gospel. He told him that Jesus could not only heal him but also give him eternal life. He further explained through John 3:16 that Jesus loves him and shared God’s story through Romans 6:23, Romans 3:23, and John 14:6. After sharing, Prakash prayed for him. 

The following week, Prakash visited Durga again and shared more from God’s Word. This time, Durga was touched by the words of encouragement as well as the care and concern he received. That day, Durga decided to follow Jesus. As he continued to grow in his faith, Jesus healed his paralysis. Now, Durga can walk and do many things for himself that he couldn’t before. He found hope, joy, and love in Jesus. Durga’s children were amazed by the miracle God did in their father’s life, and they too committed their lives to Christ. The entire family became a part of the local church and started a prayer fellowship in their home. Durga regularly listens to God’s Word using an audio Bible and is growing in his faith. 

Durga decided to follow Jesus. As he continued to grow in his faith, Jesus healed his paralysis.

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