“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

2 Timothy 2:2″

Disciples Making Disciples is the vehicle that drives TTI’s church planting strategy around the world. Every believer is called to be a disciple; and every disciple is called to be a disciple maker. When disciples make disciples who make disciples we capture the New Testament model of church planting.
DMD Level 1

Model & Practice

1. Prayer & The Holy Spirit

How to begin each day asking the Holy Spirit to fill you and take control of your life. Practice praying together as a group.

2. Sharing Your Story

How to share your testimony. Practice sharing your testimony making sure it is simple and easy to understand.

3. Sharing God’s Story

How to share God’s Story. Practice sharing God’s story, keeping it simple and to the point.

4. Assurance of Salvation

How to answer questions and share important verses about salvation. Practice how you can help people who are struggling with assurance in their salvation.

5. Living a Life of Prayer

How to model different types of prayer. Practice praying through the five types of prayer for people on your list and pre-Christians.

6. The Lord’s Prayer

How to pray the Lord’s prayer. Practice using Matthew 6:9-13 as a model.

7. Daily Devotions

How to do your own daily devotions. Practice by setting up a time and a place for your devotions.

8. Personal Bible Study

How to use the Personal Bible Study method using Luke 5:1-11. Practice by going through the 5 steps of the Personal Bible Study method.

9. Discussion & Feedback

How to discuss and get helpful advice on your experience sharing your faith with friends and pre-Christians. Practice by taking time with your Paul to discuss and get feedback.

10. Growth & Discipleship

How to access your growth, development, and discipleship efforts. Practice by carving out time to meet with your Paul to discuss what has come out of this training and make plans for the future.

DMD Level 2

Model & Practice

1. Leadership Development Circle

How to move through the leadership development circle. Practice by considering where your disciples are in the circle and discuss how you can move them forward.

2. Discovering the Bible Together

How to model the Discovering the Bible process in a group setting. Practice with a sample lesson from Genesis 1:1-25 using this method.

3. Where to Start a Micro-Church

How to figure out where to plant your micro-church. Practice by taking prayer walks in your area. As God is leading you, plan out the next steps.

4. Biblically Qualified Leadership

How to define the practicalities of Biblically qualified leadership within a micro-church. Practice by discussing who you are accountable to and identifying areas of strength and weakness.

5. Gather Together Regularly

How to begin meeting consistently with your micro-church. Practice creating a consistent rhythm of meeting by asking questions like: What are you doing when you gather? When is a convenient time to meet? Where can you meet?

6. Worship God, Pray, Fellowship, and Discover the Word of God

Consider what you will do when you meet together. Practice by answering questions like: How will you worship and pray together? How will you collect offerings at the MC?

7. Observe the Ordinances

How to observe communion in a micro-church. Glad and generous hearts naturally remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus by observing communion.

How to know when someone is ready for baptism? Baptism is the outward expression of what God has done on the inside and provides a public declaration of faith and obedience.

8. Sharing the Love of Christ to the World

How to set the expectation that every disciple maker is being sent out to share the love of Christ to the world. Practice by having someone keep you accountable to share your faith.

9. Intentionally Multiply Disciples

How to encourage disciples who seem uninterested in making disciples. Practice by equipping disciples for the work God has called them to do.

10. Effective Disciple Making

How to move new believers through the different stages of development. Practice by going through the 7 keys to effective disciple making and plot out where each of your new believers are in their development as believers and disciple makers.

11. Spiritual Maturity

How to create a balanced stair step approach to learning and doing that results in spiritual maturity for you and your believers.

12. Disciple Making that Leads to Maturity

How to establish goals for new believers and helping maturing and mature believers go deeper in their faith. Evaluate your current methods to ensure you are able to create disciple making goals for the maturing and mature believer.

13. Generational Disciple Making

How to develop a chart that shows the generational links between yourself and your disciples. Practice by making a hand-drawn map to show plans and progress visually.

14. Effective Mentoring

Role-play an interaction that shows how an effective mentor interacts with their disciples. Practice by breaking up into groups and taking turns in the mentoring role.

15. Equipping and Developing Leaders

How to use the 9 keys to mentoring to track your development. Practice by evaluating your own mentoring efforts. What is going well? What needs to change in order for you to be more effective?

16. Evaluation and Accountability

How to help your disciples grow and develop. Practice by going through the Questions for Evaluation and see how you are helping your disciples grow.

17. Reproducing Micro-Churches

How to build leaders by challenging them to model what you do, as you follow Jesus! Practice by discussing how each Timothy is attempting to model Jesus to their disciples.