Disciple Makers Respond

COVID-19 has shaken the world with dark consequences. But in that darkness, there are bright points of light. God’s people are bringing the light of His love to those impacted.
In this post, we’re sharing just a few images from Asia of the work being carried out by some of TTI’s disciple makers. These ordinary people take extraordinary action in obedience to Christ’s call to serve. 
Let’s continue to uphold every disciple makers in prayer. May we all be obedient to Jesus in loving our neighbors. 
Food security is an immediate concern for many during this pandemic. TTI church planters gathered fresh produce to distribute to the needy in their communities. 

A vehicle loaded with daily provisions to be distributed to those in need.

TTI disciple makers volunteer to disinfect low-income neighborhoods in South Asia. 

A TTI disciple maker gives fresh produce to children. 

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