My name is Sarah and I am twenty-two years old. I have recently been healed.

I was in the Hospital for two weeks for an unknown illness. Doctors conducted various tests but could not properly diagnose me: some said it was appendicitis, others hepatitis. Doctors referred me back to the local hospital where I stayed for a few more weeks, but with little to no improvement in my condition.

Our family’s business began to decline ever since my father passed away a few years back, and my four brothers had to take it over. My illness interrupted the family business, along with my school studies.

My family performed all sorts of rituals on me in an attempt to bring me healing. They tried to intercede for me and worshiped various gods, but nothing changed.

My Aunt had been saved a few months back. She had been constantly telling the rest of us about Jesus but we didn’t listen. However, after the rituals weren’t working we decided to give our aunt a call. My family members told Aunt that they would give Jesus one chance—one chance to prove that He was who our aunt said He was. Aunt shared her testimony and told us about Jesus. Our hearts began to soften while we were listening.

Another day a pastor, Joel, was in a nearby village sharing the Gospel. My Aunt called him and asked him to visit our house. She told him about me, how I needed prayer. Joel came to our house and saw me in my bed, restless and behaving abnormally. He shared the Gospel with my family members and he prayed for me. Suddenly, a demon came out of me and possessed my sister-in-law. Pastor Joel prayed for her, and she too was delivered.

For three days straight, Joel came to our house every morning and evening. He taught us about the Word of God. My family became relaxed and happy. All these miracles were occurring right before our eyes.

We began a fellowship in our house. When this TTI program was introduced to my sister-in-law and me, we were very interested in joining the training. By God’s grace and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, I was able to lead one of my friends to Christ. My four brothers also came to know the Lord. Now, all of my family members are believers. We plan on getting baptized.


Soni’s testimony is one of thousands that attests to the power of the Holy Spirit. God is at work around the globe, in the remotest villages, in the darkest religions. Here at the TTI Asia office we are grateful for God’s miracles. Testimonies like Sarah’s leave us in awe of God’s power and steadfast love.

*Names and specific location information has been altered or excluded for security purposes.