The following is a testimony directly from a TTI Student in the country of Benin.  I pray this encourages you as much as it did me.

I am SOSSA D. Gregoire 47, married to Chantal with 4 children. I am a TTI student in Benin, West Africa. I have started since first week of October 2010 and four months later I just did not know where and how to start a church and this worry me a lot as I know that planting a church is the engagement I have signed up for. I was in this situation when the TTI coordinator came to visit our center. While talking, he said that we can start a church everywhere such as in our office during break time, in our village, in our house and even in prison. When I hear prison, I just jumped there because I have access into prison but it didn’t come in my mind that a church can be planted there.

April 1st, I was in prison in front of 12 persons for the first time. It was also the first time I was standing in front of a public to preach. It was not easy for me but the reaction of the prisoners at the end encouraged me to go on. I was very happy because Jesus use me to put joy in the heart of those prisoners who are in very difficulties as prison in Africa is just a terrible place.  From then the number of my students in prison is 32. I just want to go beyond a church in prison but a TTI center there. I am planning to photocopy some TTI’s book for 27 of them and make them my Timothys. Also I am planning of how I will invest in their life after they come out of that jail. I thank God for I discover my gift of an evangelist through prison ministry.

Let us pray for him and our brothers in prison. He even told me that since the prison experience, fear to speak in public vanished in his heart and he is ready now to preach in public.  He even started a bus ministry every Saturday. He jumps in buses as a passenger, preaches the gospel and drops in the next bus stop with joy.