I have recently been reading through the prophets of the Old Testament.  They seem to never grow tired of warning the people of God that the Day of the Lord is coming.  In fact the phrase “the day of the Lord” happens nearly 20 times in the Old Testament alone. 

I know life can sometimes get busy, and things pile up at work or home.  But one of the greatest problems we face is our complacency when it comes the things that truly matter.  What perspective are you living your life with?  Do you often consider that the life we live is only temporary?  Or are you so focused that this truth has become blurred?  Here is an interesting quote I pray that you consider today: 

  “The great causes of God and Humanity are not defeated by the hot assaults of the Devil, but by the slow, crushing, glacerlike masses of thousands and thousands of indifferent nobodies.  God’s causes are never destroyed by being blown up, but by being sat upon.”